To the summit of Elbrus


Sending a happy hello to all of you! We reached the summit of Mt Elbrus 5642m yesterday.

Up in the mountain we had our base camp at 3680 m where we had one aclimatization climb up to 4550. Then we had one rest day with some rescue training before we yesterday early in the morning started our summit push.

We started at 3 am with clear sky and no wind – perfect! At arround 5000 m we had a magnificent sunrise over the mountains with the shadow of Elbrus reflected in the atmospher. The weather stayed nice until we reached the summit at 1230 pm. We enjoyed the summit for 20 minutes before we had to desend because of a snow storm coming in. At 1620 pm we were all safe back in base camp. And today we are all the way back down in Cheget again.

Thank you for following me!


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