Makalu Expedition 2014, South East Ridge: Update


IMG_3280   IMG_3277

Update from Kathmandu: We are now preparing equipment and packing as the pictures show; packing in bags and barrels, and going through all our medications.
We will have one extra day in Kathmandu and fly out Wednesday the 17th Sep.
The extra day will be used for preparation, packing and enjoying Yoga, Meditation, massage and good food. Then we will be ready to fly out for our trek to Base Camp. Along the trek we will probably be caught by a lot of leeches as the wet conditions and jungle trail brings them out in numbers. As we gain height after about three days we should climb out of the leech zone. We hope the monsoon soon will be over and give us some drier weather.
We are looking forward to enjoy one more day in Kathmandu, but even more to start our journey to the mountain!

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