Denali 2014

Happy campers :)

Looking back at the 16 fantastic days in the mountains I will here give you pictures and a short overview of the climb:

23 June: packing and flying out to Base Camp at the glacier
24 June: waking up at 3am and marching to camp at 7800ft.
25 June: snowy and windy climb up to our cache point.
26 June: stuck in camp due to more then a meter of snow dumping that night. And fixing my broken tooth.
27 June: one more day in camp due to snow. Having fun snowshoeing and building snowman.
28 June: moving up to camp at 11000ft. Taking with up our cache. Heavy load now!!!

image  image

29 June: the clouds are closing in. We are building snow walls and crossing fingers for better weather.
30 June: moving up our cache to Windy corner at about 13000ft
1 July: moving up to camp at 14000ft
2 July: collecting cache at Windy corner
3 July: moving up our cache to 16000ft ridge
4 July: rest day in camp at 14000ft. Happy 4th of July!
5 July: moving up to camp at 17000ft
6 July: SUMMIT
7 July: staying at camp 17000ft due to snow storm
8 July: 18 hour climb from 17000ft to Bas Camp
9 July: flying out

Happy days!
Vibs / Team Jentesport


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